Posting a Cash Bond:

All bonds requiring a monetary security must be paid in cash and you must have the exact change. A picture ID is required.  An inmate may apply money placed on his/her inmate commissary account, after all fees are paid, toward his/her bond.  Additionally, family or friends may add money to an inmate’s commissary account for the purpose of posting bond.  Please see the commissary section for the different ways to add money to an inmate’s account and different payment methods accepted. 

Required Fees:

All persons bonding out from jail must pay a $50.00 booking fee and a $5.00 jail bond fee upon release. All other housing fees can be set up on a contract for payment, if there is an inability to pay at the time of release.

When a person is incarcerated there are several ways a judge may utilize allowing an individual to post a bond to secure their release. The different types of bonds and a brief description are listed below.

  O.R. – (Own Recognizance)  This type of bond requires an individual to sign stating they will appear at their next court date and is not secured by any other means.

  Surety Bond – A surety bond requires someone of the judges’ choosing to assume responsibility for the bonded individual’s appearance in court and most commonly is a spouse or parent. A surety bond does not usually require any money to secure release.

  Unsecured Bond – Has a monetary amount assigned to it but does not require money at the time of release, this bond is much like a surety bond but can be signed by the person being released.

  Cash Bond – Has a monetary amount that must be paid in full before being released.

  Partially Secured – Has a monetary value and a percentage of that amount that must be paid before release.  In the event the person fails to appear for court, the individual posting the bond may be liable to the court for the full cash amount of the bond.

  Property Bond – This type of bond has a monetary value and is allowed to be secured through the use of equity in property held free and clear of any liens or encumbrances. This can only be done at the courthouse.  Normally the value of a property bond is twice that of a cash bond.









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