There are four ways to place money on an inmate’s account:

  1. Money Orders may be mailed to the inmates.  Money orders are to be filled out as follows:

    Pay to the order of: Rowan County Detention Center, or RCDC
    In the memo: Inmates Name
    Also, include the name of the sender/purchaser of the money order.

  2. There is a cash machine located in the front lobby for your convenience which accepts cash.  It only accepts cash in denominations of $5 - $100.
    You may access this machine 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  3. You can add money through SmartDeposit online at or by calling 1-866-394-0490.

    You will need the following information:
    Inmate's resident number (Please contact the facility for this information)
    Facility location: Rowan County Detention Center, Morehead, KY

Placing commissary orders:

Inmates may purchase phone time from money on their account. You may also set up an account directly with Securus Technologies, our inmate telephone service provider, by calling 1-800-844-6591. Inmates can purchase commissary at any time. Commissary orders are delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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